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Terms & conditions of cooperation/complaints

1. General
All prices quoted in offers/quotations, order confirmations and invoices are net prices (VAT excluded) EXW Gliwice.


2. Quotations
The products listed in our database or product catalog create just a review of the most popular items. The majority of them have a warehouse item status. To obtain any information about other products please contact us by phone, fax or e-mail. Prices for components requested are quoted as a reply to your RFQ. Unless otherwise stated the quotation is valid for 2 weeks.


3. Orders
Orders should be placed by e-mail: sprzedaz@jm.pl, fax  +48 32 339 69 09, phone +48 32 339 69 01 int. 101). Order acceptance confirmation including the dates of delivery for each order item can be provided on request.


Terms & conditions of sales:


  • the minimum order value: €100
  • the minimum order line value: €25

4. Order execution
Items available in stock are shipped the same day if the order is received to 12:00 am, the delivery of items to be ordered on special request – according to the date provided in the order confirmation. Goods are sent by your preferred (acknowledged) forwarder (your account is needed).

5. Complaints
JM elektronik Company guarantees that components offered come directly from their manufacturers (where they are subject to factory tests) or from an authorized distribution chain, and are properly packaged and stored. Any errors in quantity and quality should be reported immediately after their detection, not later, however, than within 7 days from the date of delivery, while in case of invisible damages, not later than within 60 days from the date of delivery. Any complaints should be placed using the RMA form.


RMA form -electronic components
RMA form - industrial PCs,industrial automation


The RMA will be considered within 14 days, unless no expert’s opinion is needed. In the latter case the complaint will be considered within 60 days from the date of reporting. If the expert’s opinion confirms that the damage results from improper use of the device/component, JM elektronik Company reserves the right to charge the customer with a flat rate cost of complaint procedure and expert’s opinion amounting to 1,000 PLN. In such situations the customer receives an official damage analysis report.

Returns of items ordered by mistake will not be accepted.


6. Additional information
JM elektronik Company shall not make available personal data and company data to third parties. Contents published on website at: http://www.jm.pl is for information purposes only and cannot make grounds to make any legal claims against JM elektronik. The Company names, trademarks used on the website are properties of their respective owners.

Best regards,
JM elektronik sp. z o.o.

(c) JM Elektronik
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